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The Aqua Gold water filters story

The search for refreshment

What originally began as a humble search for a convenient under sink water filter

…ended up as an epic journey of discovery and research into the world of water filtration and the poor quality of drinking water in this country due to the many substances added by government authorized bodies.

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Non Fluoride Solution

Advanced Filtration

See our Alkaline Filtration and Reverse Osmosis solutions

Refreshing, Different!

Check out our Alkaline, UV & Carbon filtration systems

Hyper Filtration

We have hyperfiltration solutions with a 0.0001 Micron Rating


Health Benefits

Enjoy healthier better tasting water

Fluoride Removal

Via reverse osmosis hyperfiltration technology

Better Water

Our filters remove not only fluoride, but other unwanted substances from water


What our clients say

Anastasia Stone
Customer since 2017

Thanks Morris, keep up the good work! Thank you so much for your help. I STRONGLY recommend the omega system to EVERYONE!

Patrick James
Customer since 2015

We got the Evapure system for our office and it has been fantastic, thanks for the prompt and helpful service!

Steven Rashford
Customer Since 2014

The 6 stage system really made a positive difference in the taste and odour of the tap water in our home kitchen!