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This is by far, the most affordable and most effective shower filter available on the market for its great price and outstanding quality. Most people under estimate the importance of showering and bathing in contaminant free water.

During a hot shower, water is both liquid and vaporised. The chlorinated vapors are in turn breathed in and can have negative long term health effects on respiratory function. Showering in Chlorinated water also has negative long term effects on hair and skin making it very dry.

This shower filter uses a patented filtering medium called KDF 55. This ‘golden sand’ is made of a special high purity copper and zinc alloy. It effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants including iron, arsenic, mercury, dirt, sediment

Purify your water, enjoy smoother, softer, healthier, skin, restore your hair’s natural shine and luster and invigorate your lungs.


-Unique date selection ring to select the date of installation.

-Replaceable cartridge filter

-Anti-Bacteria Carbon: Prevents bacteria growth

-No tools necessary – Install in minutes

-Fits existing shower arm

Model: PRO6000

Capacity: 30,000 Litres

Dimensions: 9 (Diameter) x 13 (L) cm